About Appdevelopment.co

What is Appdevelopments.co ?

Appdevelopments is a reference guide and a online school for mobile application developers. We planning to cover topics:

  • Swift and iOS developments Reference
  • Kolin and Android Developments Reference
  • Swift and iOS online video tutorial
  • Kolin and Android online video tutorial

However, due to the large amount of content and only Evan and Wes are building it. We need time to create and you can email us what topics do you want to hear first.

Why Appdevelopments.co is created?

Appdevelopments was created as a peronnel documentation or reference and we wish to share our peronnels understand to the public especially for self-taught developers to learn.

Why Appdevelopments.co is Free

We believe that learning should be free and everyone should have an equal opportunity. Appdevelopments.co references and courses will always be free for all developers.

You can help us by donating money to us via PayPal or patreon

Help Us

We work very hard to ensure that everything is up to date. Due to the fast changing field in mobile developments we might not be able to keep up.

If you find any error or broken link, please tell us by clicking on the report button of each page. Thank you!

Email: admin@appdevelopments.co